On September 29,Cheng Tao ,the chairman of DAYI Machine payed a visit to WUGU Foods Group which is a leading comprehensive enterprise, specializing in R&D ,production and selling of whole grains foods. Cheng mainly inspected the installing and debugging of the new production line,concentrating
2022/10/08 08:43
The era of Industry 4.0 with ever-changing technologies has profoundly affected the development of all walks of life. Intelligent manufacturing has become a key word and an important development direction. It can be seen that in recent years, my country's food industry has accelerated the
2022/09/26 14:34
First, product application:The general state of drawing protein is dry solid (water content is about 10%, water activity Aw is about 0.43), and drawing protein must be softened by water absorption before use. After fully absorbing water, the drawing protein will be completely softened and show the
2022/09/21 15:24
Our bread crumb production equipment has a reasonable design, strong stability, and the degree of automation has reached the international advanced level. The production line is easy to operate and easy to learn, with precise parameter control to ensure that the product is completed within a
2022/09/15 11:14
The fiber-drawing protein of twin-screw extruder takes low-temperature soybean meal, soybean protein isolate and wheat gluten as main raw materials. In the twin-screw extruder, the processes of extrusion, forced transportation, crushing and kneading, mixing and homogenizing, shearing and extrusion
2022/03/23 16:39
When purchasing a large airflow puffing machine, the following points are what companies need to pay attention to:1. It is necessary to check whether the manufacturer has production conditions, production equipment, design and manufacturing capabilities, test reports from the relevant departments
2022/04/19 11:49
Use of food dryer:Food drying machine is commonly used for drying equipment, can be widely used in chemical, food, medicine, building materials, electronics and other industries, especially suitable for the air permeability good sheet, strip, dry granular material, the filter cake paste material,
2022/03/09 11:48
In the process of using the frying machine, there are some things that we need to pay attention to. This also has a certain role. Each type of frying machine can bring different inspiration to us architects. They use these inspiration to create different frying machines., Make our understanding
2022/03/06 11:48