Wire Soy Production Line

2022/03/23 16:39

The fiber-drawing protein of twin-screw extruder takes low-temperature soybean meal, soybean protein isolate and wheat gluten as main raw materials. In the twin-screw extruder, the processes of extrusion, forced transportation, crushing and kneading, mixing and homogenizing, shearing and extrusion are completed. At the same time, the processing process of high temperature and high pressure and sterilization is continued to modify protein molecules and form a new layered fiber structure. Produce high-strength, high-toughness, texture and taste similar to meat. At the same time, the extrusion die and auxiliary equipment can be adjusted to produce different shapes such as columns, blocks, slices, strips, grains, puddings and crumbs. The wire-drawn protein food produced by twin-screw extruder has good oil-retaining property, flavor-keeping property and high-temperature stewing resistance, so it can be widely used in vegetarian meat products, fast food, stuffing, seasoning, etc. to make vegetarian snack foods and vegetarian dishes with different flavors.

Billion mechanical fiber drawing protein production line adopts a new twin-screw extrusion technology, and the screw adopts a sectional combination design structure of screw sections; Its barrel is also segmented, equipped with water injection port, exhaust port, etc., and each segment is equipped with independent heating and temperature control, which can realize accurate segmented and precise temperature control. The operating system adopts PLC touch screen intelligent control system and central control button. It is directly connected with the motor distribution box to reduce the energy loss. Imported bearing set is adopted, which is wear-resistant and has strong bearing capacity. The screw part is made of high-strength steel, and the building block combined screw has simple structure, long service life and convenient maintenance. The water injection cooling device of the main engine makes it difficult for the equipment to heat up after long-term use. The production line is mature in technology, simple in structure, easy to maintain, and realizes full automation, high precision and high-quality production of equipment. The production line includes mixer, vacuum suction machine, twin-screw extruder, water injection machine, water tower, oil oven, cooling conveyor belt and other equipment, and there are production lines with different configurations, which can be adjusted and purchased according to requirements.

Production process: powder mixer → screw feeder → main machine → cutter → air blower → oven → cooling conveyor.