The nutritional powder produced by the nutritional powder production line, as a convenient and efficient nutritional supplement, is increasingly favored by more and more people in modern life. The raw materials required for the nutritional powder production line mainly include various grains and
2024/05/20 10:22
  The fried snack production line takes flour, corn flour, corn starch, cassava starch and potato starch as raw materials, changes different molds, and directly extrudes and shapes them into strip, sheet or triangle shaped composite products through twin-screw extruder. After frying and seasoning,
2024/05/04 08:30
  The products produced by the breakfast cereal production line are a brittle food with a smooth taste and a strong grain flavor. Breakfast cereal corn flakes are processed by a special structured extruder, which further improves yield, quality, and raw material adaptability compared to traditional
2024/03/12 09:57
  The bread crumb production line developed by our company uses flour and starch as raw materials, extrudes and puffs the raw materials through a twin-screw extruder, then crushes, screens and produces needle shaped bran, snowflake bran, etc. It can also be extruded and rotary cut to produce sheet
2024/02/03 08:25
  The fully automatic nutritional rice production line developed by our company takes Rice noodles as the main raw material, and can selectively fill a variety of vitamins and minerals as required. The raw materials are extruded into the shape of rice grains using a twin-screw extruder, then dried
2024/01/04 09:00
 Market background of pet food production line: The pet food production line developed by our company endows pets with novel forms, unique flavors and colors, and adapts to the needs of the modern pet food market with the most scientific nutritional ratio and easy digestion. Taking extrusion dog
2023/12/20 10:55
  Market background of nutritional powder production line: With the increasing improvement of people's living standards, health products and nutritional powders are gradually entering thousands of households in various forms. People who have emerged from traditional dietary structures begin to
2023/12/14 08:59
  The bread crumb production line developed by our company produces a widely used food additive, mainly used for frying Western dishes such as steak and chicken legs. Our company's bread bran production line has changed the traditional production process of bread bran. From fabric input to crushing
2023/09/25 10:33
  The core filling snack production line adopts advanced co extrusion technology to simultaneously extrude two products with different textures and flavors on a twin screw host, producing various popular puffed sandwich foods such as wheat flavored chicken nuggets, sandwich rice crispy, and rice
2023/08/22 09:02
  The product produced by the breakfast cereal production line is a brittle food, which is made from grains as the basic raw material and processed into granular, thin or other animal shaped nutritional convenience food through the production line. Its prominent feature is its rich complex
2023/08/12 09:07
  The fried wheat flour snack production line is a new technology that replaces traditional steamed food production with twin screw extrusion technology. This production line integrates raw material mixing, steaming, ripening, puffing, shaping, frying, and seasoning. And without the need for
2023/08/09 08:52
  The nutritional rice production line takes Rice noodles as the main raw material, which can be selectively filled with a variety of vitamins and minerals as required. Extrude the shape of rice grains through a twin screw extruder, then dry to the required moisture content, and cook for about 10
2023/07/31 10:55