Large Scale Corn Flake Breakfast Cereal Production Line

2024/03/12 09:57

  The products produced by the breakfast cereal production line are a brittle food with a smooth taste and a strong grain flavor. Breakfast cereal corn flakes are processed by a special structured extruder, which further improves yield, quality, and raw material adaptability compared to traditional production methods, making it possible to strengthen trace elements such as vitamins and minerals. This production line has the characteristics of multiple optional models, flexible equipment configuration, wide range of raw materials, multiple product types, and simple operation. By changing different molds and changing production processes, various popular puffed foods in the market can be produced, suitable for various food manufacturers.

  The following is an introduction to the process flow of the breakfast cereal production line developed by our company:

  1. Mixer: Mix the raw materials required for production with a certain amount of water to form the necessary materials for production.

  2. Spiral feeder: The mixed material is transported to the feeding hopper of the extruder, and the use of spiral rods can ensure stable feeding and prevent scattering. The spiral rods can also stir the material twice, making it more uniform.

  3. Twin screw host: The transported material is expanded, and the high-temperature and high-pressure environment changes the internal molecular structure of the material. After expansion, it is extruded into shape by an extruder.

  4. Air blower: Conveys the extruded semi-finished products to the next equipment.

  5. Tablet press: The product extruded by the extruder is pressed and can be made into various shapes such as circular, irregular, elliptical, etc.

  6. Large elevator: responsible for transporting products to the oven, and the height of the elevator can be adjusted freely according to the height of the oven.

  7. Three layer fuel oven: responsible for drying and baking products, making their taste crispy and reducing internal moisture.

Large Scale Corn Flake Breakfast Cereal Production Line

  8. Large elevator: Transport the product to the next device, and the height of the elevator can be freely adjusted.

  9. High temperature drum oven: Bake the product here to make its texture crispy.

  10. Elevator: Conveying products.

  11. Spraying line: The product is seasoned, and the flavor of the seasoning can be determined according to production needs. Our company also has a variety of seasoning equipment with different configurations and output.

  12. Vibration Spreader: Spread the seasoned products evenly and transport them to the oven to avoid product sticking together.

  13. Extended three-layer fuel oven: Bake the product again, promoting the fusion of seasoning and product, making the taste more crispy and rich.

  14. Cooling conveyor: cools the baked product and transports it for packaging.

  The breakfast cereal production line has multiple configurations, and customers can choose different configurations of the production line according to their production needs. Our company provides high-quality pre-sales and after-sales services. The following are the main host configurations for this production line:

ModelInstalled powerPower consumptionCapacityDimension