The Process Flow Of The Core Filling Snacks Production Line

1. Squeezing and puffing can cause the molecular structure of macromolecules in food, such as starch, protein, and fat, to undergo varying degrees of degradation, making the products produced by this production line easier to digest and absorb.

2. The nutritional value of products produced by extrusion and puffing is higher than that of products produced by other production methods. Most puffing processes have high temperatures and short durations, resulting in minimal damage to the nutritional components in the food. Even most manufacturers may increase the nutritional content in the food. So during the puffing process of food, the loss of major nutrients is not significant. In the same situation, most vitamins in puffed rice are even higher than those in cooked rice.

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Product Details

  The core filling snacks production line equipment developed by our company is completed in one go from raw material preparation, to extrusion and puffing, sandwich, molding, cutting, spraying, seasoning, and finally to finished products, with a high degree of automation. This production line has the characteristics of multiple configuration models, flexible configuration, wide range of raw materials, multiple product types, and simple operation. By replacing the extrusion mold and auxiliary equipment, suitable configurations can be selected to produce various extrusion and puffing products such as sandwich rice cakes, sandwich rice fruits, puffed rice fruits, wheat roasting, cocoa desserts, nutritious breakfast, corn flakes, etc. The puffed food has the characteristics of crispy taste, easy digestion, easy to digest, and easy to carry, making it an ideal leisure food for consumers of all ages.

  Introduction to the main process flow of the core filling snacks production line:

  1. Flour mixers: Flour mixers of different models are selected according to different production lines. Their function is to mix raw materials with a certain amount of water evenly. The raw materials can be corn flour, flour, Corn starch, etc.

  2. Spiral feeding machine: uses a motor as the power for spiral conveying, ensuring convenient and fast feeding. The screw rod can also be used for secondary mixing, making the raw materials more uniform.

The Process Flow Of The Core Filling Snacks Production Line

  3. Twin screw extruder: Different models of twin screw extruder are selected based on the production line’s output, which can range from 100kg/h to 400kg/h.

  4. Core injection machine: The puffing machine injects the core material into the hollow tube immediately, which can be peanut butter, chocolate sauce, etc.

  5. Cutting machine: Cut the rice fruit with the core material, and the size of the rice fruit can be adjusted between 2cm-20cm.

  6. Large elevator: responsible for conveying rice fruits to the oven, and the height of the elevator is freely determined according to the oven.

  7. Multi layer oven: Most ovens are electric ovens, with temperatures adjustable between 0-200 degrees through a control cabinet. The interior is made of stainless steel double layer mesh bags, and the baking time can be adjusted according to the speed. There are multiple models of stainless steel ovens available, including three layer, five layer, and seven layer ovens.

  8. Seasoning line: There are various configurations such as octagonal cylinder, cylinder, lifting single cylinder, double cylinder seasoning line, etc. Customers can configure according to production capacity and product properties, as well as oil spraying, sugar spraying, and coating equipment.

  Our company's core filling snacks production line production line equipment can be customized according to the needs of buyers. Food manufacturers can customize their production line equipment according to their factory area, production demand, etc. This production line mainly has the following three types of extrusion and puffing hosts, which are suitable for investment choices of large, medium, and small enterprises.

ModelInstalled powerPower consumptionCapacityDimension

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