Introduction To High Yield Puff Snack Production Line

This equipment is highly automated, ranging from raw material preparation, extrusion and expansion, sandwich, molding, cutting, spraying, seasoning to finished product completion in one go. This production line has the characteristics of multiple models, flexible configuration, wide range of raw materials, multiple product types, and simple operation. Choosing the appropriate configuration can produce products such as sandwich rice cakes, sandwich rice fruits, puffed rice fruits, wheat grills, Guoba, nutritious breakfast, corn flakes, etc. The puffed food has a crispy taste, easy digestion, unique aroma, and is easy to carry, making it an ideal snack food for consumers

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Product Details

  The puff snack production line adopts advanced extrusion technology to produce puffed food, producing various popular puffed sandwich foods on the market, such as wheat flavored chicken nuggets, sandwich rice fruits, sandwich rice crisps, rice fruits, banana crisps, cocoa desserts, wheat roasting, cheese balls, etc. Nutritional powder, cereal Congee and puffed snack food of various shapes can be produced by changing molds and auxiliary equipment. This production line is at a leading level in China due to its high level of automation, wide range of applicable raw materials, convenient operation and maintenance, low energy consumption, and high output.

  Production process of puff snack production line:

  1. Mixer: Mix the necessary raw materials for production evenly here.

  2. Spiral extractor: The mixed raw materials are transported to the extrusion and puffing machine, and the use of spiral rods to transport the materials can ensure uniform feeding. The spiral rod operation process can also perform secondary stirring of the materials.

  3. Twin screw host: Expands the conveyed material, changes the internal structure of the product, and finally forms it through an extruder. Our company has multiple configurations of twin screw hosts to choose from.

  4. Pincer: Injects the core material into the extruder at the moment of extruding the product. The injected core material can be various core materials such as peanut butter, chocolate sauce, etc.

Introduction To High Yield Puff Snack Production Line

  5. Multifunctional shaping machine: Cut the semi-finished products produced by the extruder into products of the same shape and size.

  6. Large elevator: Transport the cut products to the oven, and the height of the elevator can be freely adjusted according to the height of the oven.

  7. Triple layer electric oven: The product that is transported in is baked. Our company has multiple models of ovens and production equipment with multiple configurations such as three layer, five layer, and seven layer.

  8. Oil spray seasoning line: The roasted product is seasoned, and the flavor of the seasoning is determined according to production requirements. Our company also has various equipment such as drum seasoning line and octagonal seasoning machine.

  This puff snack production line is a new generation of puffed food production equipment developed by our company on the basis of absorbing advanced technology from similar foreign equipment. Its technical performance and product quality have reached the advanced level of similar equipment. The production line is fully automated from batching, extrusion, puffing, forming, sandwich, cutting, spraying to finished products in one go. This production line has the characteristics of multiple models, flexible equipment configuration, wide range of raw materials, wide variety of products, and simple operation. By changing the mold and production process, products such as sandwich rice cakes, puffed rice fruits, wheat roasting, and nutritious breakfast can be produced, suitable for various food manufacturers.

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