Introduction To Nutritional Rice Production Line

1. It can replace traditional rice with a similar taste, but its nutritional value far exceeds that of ordinary rice and is easier to digest.

2. It is convenient and fast to eat, and the rice produced by extrusion can be consumed after 10 minutes of cooking, saving consumers time.

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Product Details

  The nutritional rice production line uses Rice noodles as the main raw material, which can be selectively filled with various vitamins and minerals as required. The shape of the rice grains is extruded by the twin-screw extruder, and then dried to the required moisture. It can be eaten after cooking for about 10 minutes. The nutritional rice artificial rice production line endows rice with unique shapes, flavors, and colors, and adapts to the constantly developing market for health and wellness foods with scientific nutritional ratios and easy digestion. The production technology of extruded rice makes it possible to strengthen the trace nutrients in the rice, which are solidified in the rice grains and are not easily lost. Its reasonable structural design, special materials, and fast self-cleaning performance ensure the stability of the machinery, making it easier to maintain and operate.

  Technological process of nutritional rice production line:

  1. Powder mixer: Rice noodles is used as the main raw material, and the raw material is fully mixed with a certain amount of water.

  2. Spiral extractor: Conveys the raw materials required for production, and uses spiral rods to transport the raw materials for secondary mixing, resulting in more uniform and stable feeding.

  3. Twin screw host: The raw materials required for production are expanded here, the internal structure of the product is changed, and finally extruded into shape., Our company has a variety of production capacity expansion hosts.

  4. Cooling vibration machine: Cooling and conveying the products extruded by the extruder.

  5. Air blower: The semi-finished products produced are transported to the drying oven, and the height of the air blower can be freely determined based on the height of the oven.

Introduction To Nutritional Rice Production Line

  6. Five layer electric oven: Bake the semi-finished products that are transported in and dry them to the required moisture content for easy storage. It can be cooked for 10 minutes when consumed. Our company has a variety of output ovens to choose from freely.

  The nutritional rice production line is a new generation product developed and produced by our company based on research on similar products at home and abroad, combined with the needs of the Chinese mass consumer market, with the characteristics of small-scale production. Its process is complete, structure is compact, design is novel, performance is stable and reliable, and production is completed from flour to finished product in one go. High degree of automation, simple operation, moderate production, energy conservation, and small footprint. The investment is only one tenth of that of large equipment, which has the characteristics of low investment and quick effectiveness, making it particularly suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises.

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