Production Process Of Pet Food Production Line

1. Improve the palatability of Pet food. The dry food becomes crisp after being puffed. The pet has a good taste and the role of cleaning teeth in the process of biting and swallowing.

2. To change and improve the nutritional value of Pet food, many nutrients need to be cooked and puffed before they can become nutritious. Otherwise, they will not bring effective nutrition to pets, but will cause diarrhea, vomiting and other maladaptive symptoms.

3. Improve the digestion and absorption rate of food for pets. Expanded Pet food can be absorbed more comprehensively and perfectly. At present, there is even a "double puffing" process, which aims to make pets absorb all nutrients in food more perfectly.

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Product Details

  The Pet food production line developed by our company is a fully automated production line with high output, multiple configurations and high quality. The production line gives Pet food a new form, unique taste and color, and adapts to the needs of the modern Pet food market with the most scientific nutrition ratio and easy digestion. Take extrusion dog chew as an example. It is a chew type Pet food with different shapes, such as stick shaped, bone shaped, and so on, which is made of a variety of materials in a scientific proportion and extruded by an extruder. It can not only provide essential nutrients for canine animals, such as protein, fat, vitamins, etc., but also provide teeth grinding for dogs of different ages to satisfy their chewing habits. At the same time, it can also strengthen the gums and jawbones, clean the oral cavity, remove tartar, and reduce disease transmission.

Production Process Of Pet Food Production Line

  The Pet food production line not only produces such products as dog chews, but also produces a series of Pet food such as dog food, cat food, bird feed, etc. As a product of the modern pet market, Pet food can not only replace the traditional Pet food, but also supplement various nutrients for pets, which is loved by pet owners. The process flow of this production line: raw material configuration - feeding - puffing - baking - seasoning

  Introduction to equipment of Pet food production line:

  1. Mixer: Configure the necessary raw materials for production here. Mix the raw materials with a certain amount of water and other nutrients to form the production raw materials.

  2. Spiral feeding machine: Conveys the configured raw materials to the next equipment, and the spiral feeding is not easy to spill, ensuring uniform and stable feeding.

  3. Twin screw host: Squeeze and puff the incoming raw materials, resulting in a crispy taste of the puffed product.

  4. Air blower: Conveys the products produced by the extruder into an oven, and the height of the air blower can be freely adjusted according to the height of the oven.

  5. Five layer fuel oven: Dries the product to moisture, making it crispy and easy to store.

  6. Large elevator: Transport the product to the next device.

  7. Spraying line: Seasoning the baked product, and the flavor of the seasoning can be determined according to production needs.

  8. Cooling conveyor: Cool the product and transport it for packaging.

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