Introduction To The Vegetarian Meat Production Line

1. High protein content

2 Low fat

3 cholesterol free

4 Crop products (beans, wheat, peanuts, etc.)

Therefore, it is suitable for various consumers

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Product Details

  The vegetarian meat production line mainly uses low-temperature soybean meal, soy protein isolate, gluten powder, etc. as the main raw materials. After being mixed and homogenized by a fully automatic ingredient system, the material is mixed, steamed, matured, high-temperature sterilized, and extruded in a twin screw extruder. It produces a high strength, high toughness soybean silk drawing protein food with layered muscle fiber structure, and its taste and texture are similar to meat. According to the different extrusion molds and auxiliary equipment, cylindrical, block, sheet, strip, particle, pudding, debris and other shapes can be produced. This kind of brushed protein food has good characteristics of water absorption and oil retention, strong taste and high temperature resistance, so it can be widely used in meat products, fast food, frozen food, stuffing, instant noodle seasoning, etc., and can also be made into vegetarian leisure food and vegetarian dishes with different flavors.

  Process flow of vegetarian meat production line:

  1. Fully automatic mixing system: Mix and homogenize the raw materials required for production with a certain amount of water.

  2. Twin screw host: The mixed raw materials are cooked and extruded here. Our company has multiple configurations of twin screw hosts, and customers can choose according to their production capacity.

  3. Air blower: Conveys the products produced in the twin screw extruder into an oven, and the height of the air blower can be adjusted according to the height of the oven.

  4. Multi layer oven: Dry the delivered product to remove internal moisture and facilitate storage.

  5. Cooling conveyor: cools the baked product and transports it for packaging.

Introduction To The Vegetarian Meat Production Line

  Application fields of vegetarian meat production line products:

  1. Application in sausages, hams and sausages: Because of its filamentous, oil absorbing and water absorbing properties, the tenacity of its fiber silk is good. When applied to meat products, it reduces the loss of water and the overflow of fat during the processing of the products. The products are not greasy, which increases the elasticity and meat feeling of the products, and increases the protein content of the products. The quality of the products has been improved.

  2. Application in quick-frozen Rice-meat dumplings: soybean silk drawing protein can enhance the elasticity and taste of Rice-meat dumplings. Its application in Rice-meat dumplings can reduce the amount of meat added, and it can be processed with other auxiliary materials into a food with high protein, low fat, and low cholesterol, which meets the higher requirements of modern people for health and reduces the loss of products in the process.

  3. Application in filling food: plant silk drawing protein can be fused with meat muscle fiber, which helps filling to hold together, increase water retention, enhance taste and nutrition, and reduce production costs.

  4. Application in seasoning sauce and dishes: after rehydration treatment of soybean brushed protein, it can be used in various seasoning sauces to improve the texture and taste of sauces, increase adhesion, improve nutritional value and reduce costs. By adding various sweeteners, it can be made into various cold dishes and vegetarian dishes, as well as paired with meat, vegetables, and seasonings to create various flavors of dishes.

  5. Application in snack food: Soybean brushed protein can be used in snack food to make convenient food with chicken flavor, beef flavor and other flavors. It not only has good taste, but also can provide high-quality protein source.

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